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young jeezy – go hard testo

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“go hard”

go hard or go home [x16]

[verse 1]
as i get comfy on the track
rather f-ck wit raw wouldn’t comfy wit the crack
yea, never clumsy wit the pack
that’s prolly why a n-gg- so clumsy wit the stacks
yea, so clumsy wit them racks
though i aim anywhere so clumsy wit the straps
half a life sentence a half on my lap
plus i got half of the task on my back
they ain’t got nuttin but time, the f-ck is that
i’d rather be in jail then broke, this sh-t is wack
j-zzle only word for ya dog, this sh-t is crack
use to hide em up in my crib, the real is back


[verse 2]
peel the top off the pot jus like a lobster
off white substance side n it aint pasta
d-mn right he know what he doin look at his posture
man we jus happy we back n-gg- i got ya
what u got in ya trunk sound like an opra
way u stay stuntin on n-gg-s deserves an oscar
yo i smoke all day jus like a rosta
and u know its m.o.b. live like a mobster
tell me how them project n-gg-s live like the doctors
studied them projects n-gg-s we got our doctorates
yea the streets write a book i be the author
think i’ll call it slp stunt like my patnas


[verse 3]
dear lord heavenly father please forgive me
can’t turn back on em now these n-gg-s feel me
never dream of lettin em down that sh-t’ll kill me
first year the money was dirty but now it’s filthy
dear heavenly father you know the real me
the use to hide it in the attic half a mill me
the use to get it in before the deal me
now n-gg-s actin like i owe em tell em bill me
back up on our grind we put the worst behind us
no direct eye contact he might blind us
risk it all everyday of the week so don’t remind us
street n-gg-s we be in the streets that’s where ya find us


- young jeezy testo

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