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young buck – drug related testo

attendere prego...

drug related

aye, this cashville records and you know who else…
maybach music
alot of sh-t going on in the streets…
alot of n-gg-z ain’t here no more…
hey, have you ever seen a dead body?
and the face the sucker make before you head shot him?
the way a p-ssy n-gg- fall when you red dot him?
you know that feeling when you make that call that say we got him
he left the safe but took his lies with him
so she keep screaming, her man, he put the gun in her hand, and made his wife hit him
ain’t bout that brown, but the white did it
instead of servin’ the town he rather snort c-ke with white women
dead bodies on the ground comforted in their white linnen
said i won’t f-ck with his family, but i might get them
all this poppin bottles celebratin cause you made it
homicide released a statment
it’s drug related…

dead body get my hands muddy
i’m gettin rappers out the way, so i can’t study
got me ridir’ with a fed charge
with the pasanger saying
“i think i hit him”
watched his head hit the dashboard
okay, let’s fast forward
can’t have us work for no purpose
this is just the games you play when you at war
what you know about something missing when the low come?
just to find out that your homeboy stole one
i’ve seen alot but that’s a cold one
now the gate’s cold, they ain’t called no one
he paralyzed, but his brother made it
they took a good one, the hole neighbourhood hate him
but it was drug related…

down to his last, i see desperate written in his face
keep makin statments like they can’t tell if it’s in a shape
a half chicken plate, told them it’s two ounces over
meet at a place where we don’t have to look over our shoulder
young n-gg- hungry, grabed his money, told him that he comin’
dropped of his kids and told them daddy had to handle something
picked up the packet and even made it back
didn’t even wait a sec, straight to the kitchen
it’s time to make it crack
this sh-t ain’t lockin up and hitin’ them up, then take it back
but he was told that once he took it ain’t no change in that
when he killed them too quick, when he should have waited
instead of premeditated it’s murder
and it’s drug related…

- young buck testo

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