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yo gotti – chapter 1 intro testo

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“chapter 1 intro”

[yo gotti:]
i mean basically i name it 4 and 1/2 because it’s a very special number to me 125 grams i mean some people may not even know what it mean but for the people who do this who it’s for

[dj drama:]
aight let me paint the picture use to always sit around talking bout how you was known in the streets when this music sh-t pop off he was out because he was so d-mn good at it so you got to the top an the streets still needed you what now

[yo gotti:]
once upon a time in a small city memphis it was some gangsta young n-gg-s running round through north memphis getting money f-cking hoes smoking kush chopper by the house another one by the bush [repeat] democrats no republicans like bush so we had that killer cali we coming in by the bush shoot a hundred bet hundred it ain’t nun to me caught a plug take that work that was sum to me one move turned to another then n-gg-s got greedy before you know it we rob the whole f-cking city back against the wall cause now we going to war with the whole town caught some of my homies down bad with they guard down

yes this is tom anderson reporting live w.h.i.g.v. and i’m coming to you from north memphis were m-ssive gun fire has sadden the community were a young man was shot several times outside of the community grocery store people let’s please stop the violence if anybody have any suggestions please dail 527 – gunz

[yo gotti:]
a couple funerals had to mask up then the feds scoop have of the whole hood up a couple n-gg-s started pointing fingers around the time back to the basics dropped and i had a nice single had the whole world saying watsup and the feds was trying to see what’s watsup but f-ck ya they had 11 witnesses who said they bought some or sold some to me n-gg-s all in my business and this that real life no bullsh-tting this that straight facts no fiction i see hoe n-gg-s and i just feel friction givem one to they head leave they top missing

[dj drama:]
please don’t get offended i mean cocaine muzik it’s the american way let’s look at histroy those that get to the top never leave street mentality government business and you know this motherf-cking rap game

- yo gotti testo

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