xii – the d.o.n. testo

attendere prego...

who am i
a skull and bones skinny dude
skeletor, predator
but i’m just a mini jude
c-ckroach in a body suit
as a human
turned me to a little scrooge
come from ruin
longitude and lat-tude
thats what i been searchin’ for
i need direction to step in
guide me thru the open doors
god i’m sorry let me follow you to find the power core
power up the power armor
i’ve been doing jet and psycho
but i’ve seen a lot darker
i have been my own michael
suicidal starring down the barrel of a rifle
(of a rifle)
after all this and that
i’m the sultan of survival
be it suicide, parental flight, scrutinized
lack of appet-te
nicotine vaporized
poverty intensified
even after 4 years of monoxide ive survived
i could
still see god
thru all that he’s the softener
co to cco im the chief creative officer
i have struggled but i got omega by my back
so i write verses implying i’m a nymphomaniac
intercourse of the mind
a mutual communication
provoke fresh thought
in both you
and nathan
face it
we can see the lies outside
thru my windowless bas-m-nt
ignorance eraticfied
or eradicated
but hold up
not by what nate said
contemplate it and come to your own conclusions
regenerated with lone introspective and thought
redecorate the gift
and step outside
the box cause
n0vatic’s back
just to claim the habitat
savage bat
-ic bomb pits
where i’m at
the way i f-ckin’ crack skulls
fragile fractals
inserted to your -ssh0l-
till it reach your stomach your stomaching b-tterflies
jaw might plummet but the trumpet of somethin’ is in your eyes
the summit is on the rise
so take the lift
cause the journeys more important
than a game you live
the game is sh-t
play me b-tch
you can’t beat me at the game
cause it ain’t exist
the fame is this
somethin’ you can’t predict
or grind for
aim towards
your face and cl1ck
it’s all russian roulette now
your safe or what
don’t get down
less your ready to quit pal
this crown
is a heavy piece of jewelry
fate decides
who’s next in line to be the soon to be
royalty of the world
dynasty of success
i don’t slave for the checks or work without rest
i fight for my freedom and try to enjoy time
can’t force out lines i’ll get sick of my rhymes
i’ll get sick of my art
misuse my gift
do it for other people and lose the heart of the sh-t
what make it special, unique, sophisticated
try to regulate it it becomes over exaggerated
suffocated till the point it’s dilapidated and jaded
by the end of the tunnel the sh-t will be disintegrated
make your own sh-t
innovate it
take yourself and integrate it
m-st-rbate it and don’t ever stop if others hate it
f-ck with yourself
before you f-ck with the world
people recognize real
people recognize raw
i’m not here to drop my jaw at the world’s drawers
i’m here to f-ck sh-t up
and f-ck the hymen
this amount of syllables
is the right timin’

to the funeral
scarlet carsons scattered round
i look down
to see a casket lowered underground
to see a casket lowered underground

blush, eklektik, lauren is there
to show appreciation
i salute the body that i put there in its placement
reincarnation awakened the name is vacant
n0vatic came back
to break the bracelets of enslavement
heart and mind has maturated
both sharp and serrated
grew the hardest f-cking c-ck
and then he ej-cul-ted
i mean
ethos pathos logos
became a good fella of rap
a mafioso
took a break his mind
was achin’ and overtaken
then he re-dawned the cowl
to claim the steaks back from satan
now he’s movin’ on
to fulfill the revelations
destination placed
prepare to lose your face in this pavement
one dies another born
blush age places another blooming flower with the th-rns
at the headstone
moon shines
the time is right
check ya timepiece
its 2 minutes to midnight

from the dead
the rose is always red
and broken at the stem
the chosen is condemned
if we knew
when we was going thru
that we the chosen few
were gifted with the pen
see i
spit a mean punishing sixteen
more uplifting than than the ceiling of the sistine
my art on silk screens take you back to the sibylline
prophesied our enemies heads on
the guillotine
our flavor is that
of grenadine mixed with methylamine
you ready?
you f-cking better be
these trend setter compet-tors wish me dead again
these menaces pedalin’ fake lines like what henna is
aim the beretta my vendetta’s beyond reach
fire the flames but you can’t touch radon’s speech
they on me
they all on me
sleepin’ or hating i hear
satan speak
grew up on his street
h-lls gates upon me
but jesus was there to close the gates and hold me
he told me
i motherf-ckin’ love you
i said d-mn man i need a f-ckin’ hug dude
i said i need to do a better job to trust you
he said i got this hot sh-t like a sunroof
he’s the soul reason for substance of this love sh-t
the reason i’m alive but why
cause i got roughness
i wanna love and kick the b-ttocks of the dumb sh-t
but aye man i’m just
gonna keep it 100
i wanna shed love and breathe life
but i also want judgmental inequalities to bleed right
you know how that sh-t go
esprits pauvres vivent
dans des châteaux
ils ne sont pas doux
mais plus riche qu’un gâteau
je suis la tempête
parfaite je vais couler
votre bateau
sont les gens
politiciens ne comprennent
l’ importance de l’égalité

l’ importance de l’égalité

l’ importance de l’égalité

i’ll rip it in french english ebonics
you name it i’ll paint it wit pain and anguish
my language will vanquish rankings
the only ranking that you will need to know
is that i am the number one
numero uno

numero uno

numero uno
you know i’ve been thru h-ll
n0vatic’s dead
the new head is xii

- xii testo

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