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wiz khalifa – mafia music (remix) testo

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“mafia music (remix)”

victory i envision, so my mission is to win.
one look at my arm she like wizzle where your skin?
hating n-gg-s talk, hear they whispers in the wind, but i don’t wanna do them harm so i kill them with my pen.
n-gg-s say i’m toro, money don’t bend.
root of all evil, guess my bank is full of sin.
couldn’t be a suit and tie, tired of barely paying rent. told ’em f-cker i’m doing numbers so take it on the chin.
the top is a [?], so it’s hard to see what i’m eatin’.
going on retreats and rolling sweets while i’m tweetin’.
paradise for a weekend then i’m back in the trap. never dealt with any drugs still the tats on my back.
money on my mind, everything’s strapped. you getting and playing, i’ll teach a cl-ss how to act.
somebody tell youtube i prolly need a plaque, couple hundred thousand views and not the dot on my mac.
09’s mine, 08 was great. they honor kanye, and paid lil wayne. gucci did it big, but came home and got it straight, and every n-gg- in the biz did a song with t-pain.
no front page, but for those who did… i send them my best wishes the industry’s a b-tch.
that’s why i’m on my sh-t, new luggage and a flip, shooting movies all my life no script, no script.

- wiz khalifa testo

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