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wale – the break up song testo

attendere prego...

“the break up song”

[verse 1]
see, breaking up is hard to move along is even harder
it’s over she got colder now can’t locate where her heart is
and i’m just being honest, since we not even talking
my mind won’t let you go
sh-t even considered stalking naw
you know i be teasin’ though
you know that my ego won’t
thought this was forever love
guess that was just seasonal
she got back with her old boy
she’s probably had a reason though
although thought that we would grow
guess i wasn’t feasible
but we ain’t gonna be beefin though
i missed you at my recent show
i speak to cj often and
sometimes i just wanna speak you up
yeah, hit you up, or call you up, or send a text
your new man got my respect
so if i do call it’s just to check
heard that you alright though
my n-gg- for life though
it’s funny how this life go
we love for a while then a light goes
took me a while just to write those
pride i had a fight so i’mma stop right here
and i know you don’t care
but i hope you got that bite boo

[verse 2]
yea tell me bout the love of ours
contemplate i wrote about it
we no longer close or nuttin
that’s why she ignore my flowers
and my call and my text
spendin her time wit him i guess
i regret some sh-t i did
but darling is yall intimate
who was better i know i was
don’t you lie don’t blow my buzz
you ask me who i’m strokin now
i said that the pool is closed
can we stay broken up
and all these pages close em up
i hope we both do learn from this
so my next don’t don’t gotta be so rough
gotta get better wit time
relationships should never rewind
better leave it all behind
guess that mean you could never be mine
well ummm there’s a but
without your love it’s cold as f-ck
life is a movie we both say cut
but most times darlin the sequel sucks.

- wale testo

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