vikki flowz – moody testo

attendere prego...

(studio talks)

[verse 1: lex pun intended]
i got no money, got no job
my mood is swinging from down to the top
today i’m excited rapping with my mob
some d+ckface is teasing my temper to drop

dude, what the f+ck? i’m feeling too many emotions
weed withdrawals are real, sh+t, where is my mental promotion?

another morning + anxiety hits
no joints, no hits, kaboom explosion!
i swear to god i wanna hit some f+cker in the face
put on some moody lotion! (put on some moody lotion, put on some moody lotion)

[verse 2: shahid]
finally, i have a contradictor, who knows what it means to be addicted
having gift doesn’t mean to be from the childhood gifted
feature explicit, don’t miss it, a little defeated after i split it
the word into syllables doing miracles not playing those childish criminals

gangstas and words only, truly they are phoneys
i’m getting the trophy, sipping some coffee, homie, making my hobbies
giving a high five to those who burn shive everyday strive
making the time fly, spinning the world, playing some chords
music is my life

i’m moody today, getting away
not to convey all the sh+t
i have in my head what have i heard
they want me obey all the sh+t

[verse 3: vikki flowz]
10 moods a day + constant changes
i’m outrageous i’m fun, bruv, it’s dangerous
now i wanna fly to los angeles, f+ck la, let’s go to asia

have no ps, going through angel list
i’m enthusiastic evangelist
positive attitude, can you handle this?

clap yo hands cuz i’m flexing
20 moods plus my rest face
i go slow on the fast lanes
the last phase
i’m moody
embrace it

i go slow on the fast lanes
that’s ma way
i’m nasty
embrace it

- vikki flowz testo

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