vicious crusade – breath of life testo

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[lyrics by dmitry basik & alex vertel]

putting the stakes till the point when i lose.
risking it all till i have to pay dues.
fly real high till the day when i fall.
if tomorrow i die – does it matter at all?
if i burn then to the ashes i burn.
if i do the first step then i never return.
i fall in love for the very last time.
so what do i lose if tomorrow i die?
take it all or lose it at once.
taste it all – it can be your last chance.
if you got the wings – so why don’t you fly?
if i live – then i live like tomorrow i die,
and i live like i live last day of my life.
on top speed, down the fastest highway,
be it heaven or h-ll that i raise on my way,
till last breath, on the full overdrive
i live every single day of my life.
…and i live like i live like tomorrow i ain’t gonna die!
while i’ve got the way to go i ain’t gonna stop this show.
while i’ve got the fuel to drive i ain’t gonna stop my life.

- vicious crusade testo

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