verdainex – scoldingtoothverse testo

attendere prego...

i thought your channel was bad but then i looked at your face
you know it’s not cool to show to public how you’re a full fledged disgrace
and you think you’z a man
but you’re a two year old in a garage ban’
now you think your funny
but your parents kicked you out cause your making no money
people say be yourself, but bro seriously don’t
you’ll only get tens of thousand of people laughing at you
now people have ghost writers but you have a ghost life
now go chill out with your imaginary wife
(sad sad times)
when i making these rhymes
and your bars are so bad there a crime
seriously i would rather listen to a church bell dime
yay i rhymed, betrayal
and your diss was a complete fail
your so demented can i even call you male
ok play with your minecraft clan
your channel so cancerous they should ban
see ya

- verdainex testo

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