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tyga – light dreams testo

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light dreams

unreal to a close eye,
can’t feel but you heard that i’m close by
it’s more vivid the image invented in my mind,
i look around and really i see a fake smile
no time, when the tickets down,
my rolex style don’t mean sh-t now
it’s just another pay cut my mind made up
unnecessary lay-ups
you can still win n got a rich n star player
f-ck a hater still remain-a-self-made n-gg-
live bigger, credit cards no limits
i drop 20 on the luggage took 10 minutes
i don’t shop online those are all gimmicks
only make moves when your hearts in it
b.i.g. said it; so i entertain like cedric
standin on the trunk roof top unit city
batman, spotlight, gotta say you b-tches
the jokes on you jack,
who the f-ck you gon call when your sh-t towed, by the repo
can’t tell your girl so she the center fold
now you gettin played like casio’s; uuh
casino’s, c-notes and chips like frito’s
got a free coat, when costa rico
most hoes only know two words
like “gimme those”, still buy em tho
currently ballin’ so i gotta letcha know
flash thru the tint roll the window
tilt the brim
what the f-ck i did, lemme see your registration
imma keep it real kid i’m just hatin
ain’t a opportunity i ain’t take close chase
city national bank evolve into shape
of a dollar then i duplicate,
motherf-cker don’t believe let me demonstrate
i dream the motherf-cker try to kill me in my sleep
whats the point to steak when n-gg-s want beef
diss me cus they hungry made a meal that you couldn’t eat
you f-cken snakes in the rat race 2 face b-tches
that’s why i don’t f-ck wit none of yall n-gg-s
cus soon yall fell when you fell wit em
its like puttin ’87 in a bentley; n-gg- don’t tempt me

everything ain’t everything
sh-t ain’t always wat it seems
i put that on everything no sleep having light dreams
what i see is what i cant reach i put that on everything
goin crazy, i might be no sleep having light dreams
i dream (i dream)

- tyga testo

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