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twista – alright testo

attendere prego...

(feat. kanye west)

alright, alright
alright alright, alright
alright alright, alright
alright, alright

alright alright, alright
alright alright, alright
alright alright, alright
alright, alright

[verse 1: kanye west]
on a scale of one to ten, what do you rate yourself?
here’s some champagne, hydrate yourself
i know i’m lookin’ good, you lookin’ great yourself
i mean you sh-ttin’ on these b-tches, you should hate yourself
my style so cold i could skate myself
but i go so hard i could make it melt
i mean the flow so solar every bar
could power an electric car
my, my, my, whips is side-by-side
he just talkin’, mine’s outside
do you mind if i
take you on a test
do you have all-wheel drive?
and if that baby purr, i’m gonna baby her
b-tches gon’ hate and maybe worse
cause your ice so brrr i copped you a baby fur
just to work
i know you was on pur-pur
but this is a whole new arena
see, n-gg-s come by talkin’ bout they make it rain
i’ll make that b-tch katrina
mr. kanye omari, with my entourage, no ari
and a motorcycle jacket, no harley
she said dude, that’s cool

[chorus: 4x]
alright alright, alright
alright alright, alright
alright alright, alright
alright, alright

[verse 2: twista]
twista where you at?
abracadabra, did he vanish?
hurry up and come out
but i ain’t want to panic
i say that i’m in the zone
but they don’t understand it
physically i’m here but mentally i’m on another planet
and it only kinda made ’em look at me like i was stupider
now they askin’ which planet, is it jupiter?
so i let the money show ’cause i know stacks could talk
i’m mackin’ on b-tches with my intergalactic thoughts
in my mercedes benz
pull up on a chick and holla at her and her lady friends
like as rich as an arabian
i’m kickin’ pure flows
euros they pay me in
for what i put together in the dungeon
i’m lookin’ for a uk chick with a nice onion
never beat it up like paul bunyan
and i can’t believe they let an american werewolf in london
especially when drinking gs with a tonic
steady be trippin’ while smokin’ on the hydroponic
when i spit it like this they be callin’ me bionic
kanye with the twist, n-gg-, how ironic
and i’m astonished haters don’t wanna see me on
they wanna know how twista get the easy dome
swag off the chain, 23s be chrome
artful dodgers with the yeezys on


[verse 3: twista]
i’m blowin’ on flame but yours is all white
and i’ma pull up in the bentley all white
step up in the club with nothing but all dyk-s
sippin’ on some louis and partyin’ all night
phony–ss people, i don’t feel they demeanor
so i hop in the rocket and go and chill over venus
one of rap’s heroes, who came from zero
makin’ something out of nothing, call me gilbert arenas
now i’m f-ckin’ with divas that rock the stadiums
blow my brains back ’til my face be numb
i am the sh-t
it don’t make me numb
rockin’ wit a swagger like i got an eight-feet gun
and my flow be colossal ’cause i spit the impossible
whether with rhythm no limit to what i can do
see through a prism when i conquer an obstacle
and always get money no matter how illogical
i follow through because, uh

[chorus 10x]

- twista testo

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