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twista – 3rd eye testo

attendere prego...

3rd eye
(feat. ab-soul)

[verse 1: twista]
see you with the eye
rather at the apex of a pyramid or the forehead of a cyclops
talking sh-t to me make sure you’re off the right block
still i’mma come through in the mercedes benz white drop
might stop, but only if i know you i don’t mean to blow you with the statement
but i don’t be f-ckin’ with these n-gg-s, and that’s why they be hatin’
cause i stay in the zone, i be alone, so excuse me if i’m wrong
i’m off a kush, and when the t.h.c. affect the dialect i be as free as [?]
the energy in me be my empire yet the remedy for me is ultraviolet, violence, silence
all the critic’s when i spit it i’mma creature of punishment when it comes to torturing
and with this rap sh-t i’m a beast
ballin like i’m uncle paulie and all of the above
we go in the club, [?] with the snub
east, be the direction that i’m prayin’ in
but i’m a midwest n-gg-
mean with a verse, something obscene with it first
so they can say “where you get that n-gg-?”
the essence of my vocabulary’s exquisite when i enter into a realm, taking me to the helm
of lyricism, you gonna be callin’ me majesty, callin’ a tragedy that you gotta see on film
so i salute and advise you not to shoot, you are not equivalent or parallel to my level
sub-par, so coming at me wrong is worse then being on the carousel with the devil
i can turn these happy homes or the fakes emcees into whole apartment buildings and vacancies
bakeries, cook em til they done
whoop ‘em til they run, put a fork in the n-gg-s
watch what you say to me

don’t play with me, i’mma make a hater pray to me
god cause i’m hard and my flows is the coldest
you are no threat, don’t step, i am a descendent of [?], yes, moses knows this
of annihilation we are on a brink, i be smokin’ up the stink, so before somebody thinks
see my style but ugly as michal spinks, when i rap about the sphinx instead of about minx
knowledge is power so he…

[verse 2: ab-soul]
punch you bout your third eye
type of sh-t i make a bird swim, fish fly
f-ck it, touch the sky on the first try
man a motherf-cker could never control me, only squeeze me and hold me
is what the [?] member told me, now is she bold g?
but in my mouth is where the gold be, cause i be playin’ with like goldie
ab-soul i know ya know me
pick a backwoods jar of that good yeah i blow it by the oz
i never sleep, you getting cozy
i made it out the jungle watch and write a book about mowgli
i ain’t a killer but don’t push me
i hit you with a cig, but i’d rather smoke up on a stogie
god mc, you could say i’m holy
the ghost of alori joh walk with me so a n-gg- never lonely
soulo, but top dawg is a army
flow at&t n-gg- 4 g’s
might be the hip hop bob marley, taking shots at politicians while i roll weed
easily eazy-e without the jheri curl juice
off that drank that make you think every girl cute
on top of the pyramid, any angles acute
mark of the beast on me, him, her, and you
money in the safe in case there’s a lawsuit
because any lumberjack would say they saw you
me and twista in the cut twistin up a blunt what the f-ck you want?


- twista testo

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