twista – 3 minute murder testo

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“3 minute murder”

[twista talking:]
uh, uh, ya’ll already know what it is
n-gg-z talkin bout twista this twista that
all i know is twista rap i spit n-gg-, f-ck ya’ll, check it out

[twista rhyming:]
twis’ got skill yes i kill
i could ride on they -ss like buffalo bill
i be winnin in the game like them n-gg-s in the south
if a n-gg- talkin sh-t i’m quick to hit em in the mouth
them lyrics that’s the sh-t i be equipped to spit em out
and imma make a n-gg- sick cause i got venom in the mouth
antonyms and synonyms are spinnin him out of his route
and i got bricks of money b-tch and i can’t fit em in the couch
kill em with the ride paints hard with the deep dish
kill em wit syllables quick wit 8 bars in a sequence
i am the bidness i gotta charge you to peep this
n-gg-z can’t see me i’m ray charles or a eclipse
stevie in the blackout see me with the mack out
twista gon get money like a gd in a crack house
when it come to flows imma spit em like they cold
when it come to n-gg-z heads imma split it like a pole
take away they swag and sh-t on they c-cky style
cuz my lyrics be too quick they call me twista pacquiao
come solo wit my k-olo when you see my logo come take my photo when i’m on promo
n-gg-s wanna get me they better pick a new regimen
sh-t too sick b somebody better go get you medicine
not bringin up twista i’m makin the issue relevant
b-lls bigger than mine betta go get 2 elephants
i be getting grimy but you and yo click too elegant
beat yo face up til yo jaw tissue look like a pelican
i be steady whoopin yo -ss just fo the h-ll of it
can’t n-body f-ck wit me the planet is celibate
i kick a hot flow, get it like harpo
brief when i rhyme teeth shine like a car show
wit a thick b-tch, go head check out my cargo
you know one gon be wit me wherever my car go
where yo baby at where yo white mercedes
at ill let u borrow the bentley as long as you bring it back
here, a couple stacks, you ain’t gotta pay me back
me and yo boss kick it and he know where the ladies at
whether we comin and killin and murderin cause i beat down the block
or because i’m like ð»throw ya hands up’ cause it’s hip hop
i’d rather be rappin about the streets and makin a quick pot
but it’s time to do something so the shorties don’t get popped
meanwhile back to the lab i got the desert eagle
come on yo m-th-f-ckin tip and kill a lot of people
throw up on a priest let him know i ain’t no reverend
either dat i go where the f-ck i want i’m up in heaven evil
u ain’t gotta tell me i know i spit bars sick
e-mail, anthrax, flows kick -rs-nic
g-up genie and throw it up i’m car sick
cut raw dope deez n-gg- cut garbage
lethargic give a b-tch hard d-ck see my n-gg-z and i say salute like a sergeant
can’t lie i’m one of the coldest artists so i wouldn’t have yo b-tch up in my apartment
so i be p-ssin out f-ck you flyers da fakers and heaters and then f-ck liars
if yo’ sh-t ain’t one been one minded the swine flu h1n1 virus
am i like jason no i’m more like michael myers
i am the sh-t i need to wear diapers
when i spit it sometimes i’m all to philosophical
blame it on the don julio and killer tropical
twista got more swag than a rich sissy
but don’t get prissy m-th-f-ckas can get grilly
imma balla and a boss and yes i’m finna get paid
takin flames to the head like i’m nicolas cage
i ghost ride the whip i’m finna get laid
any n-gg-z dat try to get me is finna get sprayed
one day it’s possible dat i’m finna get saved
but for now i be getting money i’m finna get paid m-th-f-cka
f-cka.. ..f-cka.. .. f-cka.. ..f-cka

- twista testo

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