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trey songz – girlfriend can come too testo

attendere prego...

“girlfriend can come too”

heard your man doing you bad
i don’t wanna have to come whip his -ss (whooaa)

[verse 1:]
girl stop all that crying
whatchu worried bout?
eatin all that ice cream
sittin on the couch (come on!)
what’s that about (bout)
you know you the baddest (baddest)
what you gone go back to
yo momma and your daddy? (no)
my baby gotta have me
but she wanna make you happy
she was supposed to come over
but she just wanna console you
i just wanna do both
you know he ain’t do what he supposed to
(put her back on the phone right quick, ay baby)

your girlfriend can come too
cause i know just what she going through
we already know what to do
(your girlfriend can come too)
and you know you wanna see me
so you might as well bring her too
i know she feel bad and you wanna make her feel good
if you really really wanna make her feel good
you should let her play a part in the
things we do
and baby when we step in the room
your girlfriend gone come too

[verse 2:]
s-xy, beautiful
i just want you to know
how fine i think you are
even though it’s intuitable
is that your girl
well we just friends
even though it’s my best she sleeping
we been getting it like 2 or 3 weekends
you ain’t know, you ain’t know she a freak then
who cares, she down
you there, don’t frown
come and let down your hair
i don’t wanna be greedy
and you don’t have to share
but please can you both
come here


august 4th, august 4th is you ready?
august 4th girl is you ready? (ready?)
august 4th, august 4th is you ready?
is you ready girl?
aye, so i was thinking i… i, i got a new middle name
i’m a try it out see what y’all think
my middle name is “gimme yo”
trey “gimme yo” songz hahaa
come on!

- trey songz testo

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