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tory lanez – remembrance day testo

attendere prego...

remembrance day

[verse 1]
i, i, i remember them streets so… well
i, i, remember them people well.
them, them, them, them same n-gg-s
walk around and be telling everybody i changed n-gg-
i know that you only wanna f-ck with me cause i hope you good
you say you want the old me cause the old me n-gg- was broke as sh-t
that’s what you want huh? that’s what you want huh?
just go and say it to my face my n-gg- don’t lie
lately n-gg-s been fakin, no blow
but a n-gg-s been patient, low blows
n-gg-s just hatin, oh no
they just want to mess around and turn me to the n-gg- that i used to be
chillin’ with the girls that i used to see
and all them same girls wanna keep it real with everybody else
and never want to tell the truth to me
but on the outside ima cool -ss n-gg-, y’all cant see all the pain a n-gg- hold
y’all cant see all the pain a n-gg- show,
sittin’ back, watching all these lame n-gg-s blow
but uh don’t trip cause i know a n-gg- time comin, i be waitin’ on the sh-t like a ride coming
but right now, i got to sit it on the side youngin’
don’t worry ima get it, i get it
the fam like “n-gg-, admit it ya did it” and i be like n-gg- i ain’t did sh-t
mind on the big sh-t, time for the big sh-t
i been on the grind so long it’s ridiculous
but n-gg-s gon’ doubt, well tell em wake there -ss and see
i promise y’all its gon’ happen for me!

i can’t let you haters be my stress, even though yall do me all wrong
when they gon’ cut me my check
haters, i remember all yall.
haters, i remember all yall.

[verse 2]
i, i, i used to walk around free
i, i know that you often doubt me
i, , can’t help but feel the pain,
some nights n-gg- needed sun light, but i really can’t help but feel the rain
my gift, god given, hard liquor for hard living
my bluntness – pardon it. got a dream? go’n get it,
n-gg- i’m never gon’ go, let you n-gg-s get used to me
n-gg- i’m feelin so low that a n-gg- need a booster seat
i still feel like i’m ready, gon get em, i’m in the studio like 24/7
i be on the move, plenty momentum
i ain’t got room for anymore venom for you snakes and sh-t
the fakes and sh-t, it just makes me sick .
this is not the motherf-ckin’ life a n-gg- signed up for, lookin at it like this can’t be it,
d-mn, what a real n-gg- gots to do
to get a condo with a private view?
cause i be in the game lookin at the superstars like everything you doin’ n-gg- i can do
so how could you be so arrogant? some of y’all people
walk around here like you runnin our people
and they talk like everyone is our equal
y’all n-gg-s fake, everyone of y’all i see through!!


- tory lanez testo

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