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“here we go (j.d. remix)”
(feat. jay-z, jermaine dupri)

[chorus (jermaine dupri):]
we talk sh-t, cause we are the sh-t
never looked back since we started it
when ya’ll want heat we provide it, ride it
’til the wheels fall of, shaking ’em all off
six figure n-gg-s with it, over did it, spit it
in ways that’ll cause a rush
keeping your face in a state of disgust
hating but still trying to be like us

twist the lime on the corona, grab my crime diploma
then head to the block, to pull up five in the mona
sh-t, i need to chrome up, become a home owner
look lifes a b-tch, but im on her
i almost cracked this, no more hustling backwards
up the ave i zip, n-gg- trying to have sh-t
im your average, ghetto n-gg- turned maverick
you’d never, said to a n-gg- “whateve for the cash, im with”
i dont have step, i leave it in youre averix
then shoot it it the air, whateva i have left
outlaw, simply i out draw y’all
wether clubs or the street, i out ball y’all
n-gg-s aint ready, i doubt all y’all
fly -ss n-gg-s i reroute all y’all
if it aint for the paper i dont show my face up
make a bet i turn the ace up, $hort and jay, what

[too $hort:]
i never stop making money dont give ’em no slack
drinking dirty motherf-ckers til a hoe come back
with my scratch, b-tch i was born to mack
to uphold the pimping, i was sworn to that
i hear a lot of sh-t talking when i listen to rap
only a few mc’s get to hang that plaque
on the wall rappers ball, but they dont live phat
n-gg-, i doubt if you go gold or platinum
what we do has only been mastered by a few
i take a half a million tapes sell ’em straight to you
all that sh-t n-gg-s talking just cant be real
i dont need a record deal, i need eighteen wheels
i roll right up in the hood i got tapes for sell
b-tches running in their house they cant wait to tell
somebody, she got a new too $hort tape
and hes spitting pimp game with his homeboy jay


[too $hort:]
now here they come again the gold diggas trying to get paid,
wanna trick the old rich n-gg-s, trying to get laid
she’ll suck his d-ck, as soon as she meet him
dont have to sell a body for me i dont need her
to turn tricks for me, how much you cost b-tch?
im all about large bank deposits
on and off the mic i always set trends
either you see with b-tches, or im rolling with pimps
brook-laan to oakland, i keep smokin’
jay-z and short dog at these hoes again
the kinda n-gg-s that’ll take a square b-tch around the corner
put this pimp game on her
i dont f-ck with broke hoes and i dont trick
but i’ll still rub my big -ss d-ck on her cl-t
get her hooked, wanna be mine i need some money
if she aint kicking in all the time she dont want me

hoes, flows, money, cars
y’all wannabe stars cant f-ck with none of these bars
this is real n-gg- rap, we can spit it through the mic
and you can feel n-gg-s scratch, and sell a mil if that
so real when we drop this sh-t its in trouble
when i guess the pair you gotta ship it double
in the independent phenom, y’all minature dons
wannabe jigga, pops styles and hennessy richa’
when i die, leave my canopy richa’
i put it down hard ever since i entered the pit’cha
can f-ck with me for records to the recreational cent’a
i got it wrapped y’all from the grammys to the back park
short dog y’all, what you thought y’all, oakland, bk, new york y’all
be the voice for the streets we supply for years
and go platinum on our most quiet years

[chorus 3x]

- too hort testo

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