thousand foot krutch – scream testo

attendere prego...


i can’t erase it anymore
it follows me everywhere i go
it’s like a mask that i don’t want to wear anymore

i think i’ve found a way to let it go
but it’s still too soon to know for sure
i’d give everything i am
to just feel somethin’

can you feel that?

scream! when the pressure breaks me
when it’s too hard to see
when i feel like i’m at the end of my rope
one more time
scream! when the fire burns me
when it’s hard to break free
when i feel like i’m standin’ on the edge
of it all this time

i can’t suppress it anymore
here it comes like a flood
just like before, when it rains, it pours
and i don’t want to swim anymore

i think i’ve found a way to let it go
i don’t know, i’ve never felt this way before
but with everything i am, i just let go…

you make me wanna scream…

it’s not a joke
i’ve felt as messed up as you do
i’ve felt the feelings you’ve been feeling
been through the same things
you’ve been through
and i know how hard it is
to feel like you’re all alone
we’ve all been given a second chance
but the chance is all our own
(it was right in front of me…)

- thousand foot krutch testo

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