the4realmcg – grumblecore testo

attendere prego...

everyone complains the game’s a f-ckin’ bore
mumblerap, they mutter that, trap, make it 19 f-ckin four
old school, that olden golden age
but i say f that my man
upgrade to flawless diamond!

i been grindin’ to mine it since 2009 and
life recycled in time cycles from childhood to high school
to state schools to brooklyn cyphers that i rhymed in
all comes full circle – drawn with my history inside it – uh!

[thunderstrike] then when the night gets quiet just like this
he sits vibin’ to the silence inside him
from which the best rhymin’ arises
freestylin’ inside his – internal monologue
like he belongs locked right up in arkham asylum!
digs deep inside the dark of his psyche
reaches far to all that is cosmic outside it
mindset: “enlightenment” with a line i meant
when the side of my tongue lines up with the star’s alignment!

f-ck grumblecore, i’ll take that grammy show award
that golden horn, and stick that miniaturized instrument
up the cornhole of “a star is born”
dropping burns to leave an anthropomorphized alphabet
at a loss for words!

bombardin earth with the bombest verse
since the bard was heard, gold polished t-rds im so hard at work
to turn to the 14 carats 16 bars are worth
so let the pop charts burn, let rockstars turn
to holograms on electronic urns
let’s get into trouble, f-ck living in this bubble
let the zeitgeist’s zit get popped and burst!

move music to the future squeezin’ nuts outta sperm
for a sonic soprano aria that shatters the sound barrier
’til radio towers surge
that ibm watson heard
made dmt martians twerk
til its “that song from earth”
to which interdimensional robot mozarts refer!

f-ck grumblecore, f-ck taking rap back to then
lets make it even better than it ever was before!
a pimped out b-tterfly transformed – in time
to a magnificent, blind, rainbow-plumed peac-ck in flight!
always shedding it’s feathers so the eyes don’t close
on the kaleidoscope of its feathers forever. well, whatever son
f-ck wanting to become a star
i’m down to earth like if the sun fell from above!

flow’s been rockin’worlds from day 1 so in atomic terms;
since everything’s made up of the same stuff
as that rock unearthed or you or me or him or her
why be a king or a god? think not
’cause i already am the motherf-cking universe!

- the4realmcg testo

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