the summer rebellion – one sextillionth of a second thought testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1]
the snow tamps down this march to death
underneath my breath i curse this life i’ve left behind
rattling bones and hacking cough
so i don’t feel my loss no more, i’m numb, deaf, blind and dumb

what my ma once said, every prairie dog has its season
but it’s winter now, in the french alps, join the legion !

[verse 2]
whiskey-soaked and coming down
lost but not found, i can’t feel my skin, my light within
dark and cold and wet tonight
my raging thoughts a-flight and i’ve gone wild, yet still i smile

what my ma once said, every dog dead young has a reason
not an old man now, stride still long ? join the legion !

[verse 3]
prattling lungs and smoking guns
i had to be here once to know that i lived, being not forgotten
settling scores in parking lots
my memories allots a dram of shame, my thoughts are tamed

what my ma once said, every dog looks twice when he’s leaving
it’s a second glance, not a second chance, join the legion !

- the summer rebellion testo

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