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“the man i am”

look at me; i lost control of my life at age 23.
i’ve been so lonely lately without you here.
you were my best friend and companion, now you’re nowhere near; and it’s killing me.
everything you do makes me fall in love with you.
i fall a little harder each and every day.
and it hurts so bad to know what we had is gone, but i’ll still treasure every letter that you’ve sent.
look in my eye;s tell me that i lie.
cause i’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.
i told you that i loved you once and i meant every word i said; and i will love you till the day that i am dead.
i spent two years doing everything i could to keep you happy.
you meant everything to me.
and i’ll always remember the countless times we laid in bed; you sleeping by my side, i still think about that almost every night.
everything you do makes me fall in love with you, form your laugh and smile to every little tear.
i know that you’ve stopped crying and i’m so glad that you’ve moved on, but this hear t still hasn’t set sail it appears.

- the scene aesthetic testo

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