the lost trailers – smashmouth testo

attendere prego...


[written after two of our friends in topsail island, nc, accidentally busted out the front teeth of our other buddy while they were loading up his boat, but instead of tending to the needs of our friend, they let him go alone to the hospital while they went back to his house and drank all of his beer and watched his p-rnos.]

smash wasn’t his given name, no he earned in ’96,
when he got caught on the 4th of july between a johnboat and a wench.
well smash was never alone, he always had his friends around.
but when they saw that trailer fall, they hit the road and lit it out of town.

they said, “smashmouth, this really wasn’t how we planned it out.
just some grease on the side of the bow, now you’re spitting out teeth.”
smashmouth, smashmouth, sometimes guilt will keep you running out,
so they dodged cars and headed out, out across the street.

well, smash was not a forgive-able man, so he chased them both down,
you could see their bodies running through the night as the moon stained the ground,
they said, “h-ll, you’d be runnin’ to, if you could see the shape you’re in.
what you need is to fix yourself, not to take it out on your friends.”

they said, “smashmouth, smashmouth, tell us what you need and we’ll work it out.”
he said, “put my boat up, and take my dogs out, and call my girl, too.
and promise me…” they said, “we promise you!” “that you won’t get into nothing that ain’t made for you.

and if i find that you’ve been untrue…
i’m gonna kick you to the avenue!”

some friends you win, and some friends you lose, and some they don’t give a d-mn,
and some friends will try to stand by your side, but are gone when you are down again.
but smash’s friends were none of these, they just got tired of sitting under the wind.
they heard that shutter slam, and told smash to just a come on in.

smashmouth, smashmouth, the boats in the water the dogs are in the house,
one’s on the floor, one’s on the couch, watching p-rn videos.
smashmouth, smashmouth, they took his last case and they headed south,
cause sometimes friends will leave you nothing to choose,
but to kick them to the avenue, so he kicked them to the avenue.

- the lost trailers testo

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