the karkadens – olde wave testo

attendere prego...

and so i’ve heard the sirens again
and seen the smoke rise in the distance
and even from these waters i can
feel the fires burning within
anchors down, and ship abandoned
into the night we set on land and
as we make our midnight gathering
i can’t help but reminisce to when

we had all sworn, signed our strength under a code
carved a brethren deep in stone
we had all sworn, cutl-ss raised we pledged an oath
a brotherhood under the sword

in the curves of ocean swells i
feel an ancient current arise
as it looms towards the eastern sky
i can hear the drumbeats call me to rise
miles away against an island coast
the crash of oceans draws me close
with this current i return
with cutl-ss drawn to render our oath

when i breathe the ocean
i can feel it burn

- the karkadens testo

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