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the go – go’s – girl of 100 lists testo

attendere prego...

girl of 100 lists

ghetto blasters, phony jewels
cathedrals, castles, making up rules
trashy novels and leather gloves
this is a list of the things i love

i am the girl of 100 lists
from what shall i wear
to who i have kissed
check items off
let nothing be missed
sing i to myself and my 100 lists

pick up your laundry, doctor’s at ten
we’re out of toothpaste, rehearsal (again)
stop by the bank and cash my pay
these are the things i must get done today


ricky and danny and terry and jim
dean lasted six months-don’t forget him
perhaps some day this list will end
till then i tally my gentlemen friends


- the go testo

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