the globetroddas – picture perfect testo

attendere prego...

[intro: big drak]
ride on by
when the cops come ride on by
london streets
when the props come ride on by
when the pops come ride on by
check it

[verse 1: big drak]
now it’s a new type of understanding
what i’m demanding
my local right next to def jam’s type of branding
my helicopter landing on my front yard green
paint a picture for your best cuz it’s hardly seen
i fly shirts with some jeans
chicken rice black beans
i’m putting expansions on my mansions
with the big flat screens
getting mail by the pail
from my hip hop sales
blowin l’s with my n-ggas overlooking the quails
on the lake, my chef’s is on the grill with the steak
and for dessert you know a n-gga got banana cake
i want this one or that one, white one or the black one
two types of everything, for me it’s satisfaction
drop tops with laptops, grill in the stash box
smash, my car’s fast when it’s time to smash rocks
paid a white sand beaches i laid up
the big booty honeys smoking green top greater
the whole thing, gold rings, platinum and gold chains
feeling like cameo, cuz what i’m feeling is so strange
strip malls, in case my internet sh-t falls
see i avoid all the permanent pit falls
corny corporations, offended by the nation
want a case to sue the government for insubordination
flip that, back to a perm and get back
earn a nice percentage and returns on a kick back
but mainly what i do is for the love of my fam
konichiwa, yoshinawa on my way to j-pan
uk, whole world still thirst for the verse
although above all most of all, yo i keep god first
picture perfect

can’t wait no more
gotta get it back, let’s go
let the feeling flow
dreamin’ of a day life turns around
keeping my game up, keeping my paper
can’t stop my show
gotta keep it tight (that’s right)
and keep em getting mo’
picture perfect life, say it loud
keeping my game up, keeping my paper

[verse 2: derrick buck]
painting a picture like michelangelo
hot whips, tropical trips with grands to blow
plug the corner with some positive hip sh-t
the spirit i flip sh-t
and gradually the youth is uplifted
the whole world see that i’m gifted
acknowledge i’m the truth
on some get money stick to the script sh-t
i rock non-stop cuz it pays
wanna a chain thats bling enough to make oprah’s eyebrows raise
i make liberachi turn in his grave
getting paid minimum wage is basically a modern day slave
just come up with a plan where we can’t lose
play by the rules, man up and come together like the jews
keep the fam, get that coat and the cash up
smile knowing that my grandbaby’s tuition paper is stashed up
we give a toast to my team
glancing at a picture of us back when globe and star was merely a dream
imagine that


like the dreaming eyes of a child
you can have what you will
visions breath, dynasties that build dreams
spirit flows, your soul glows
reach out and pour some love in
paint a picture perfect so…

[hook x2]

keepin my game up
dreamin’ of a day
i’m dreamin’ of a day
london streets

- the globetroddas testo

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