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the game – bills is paid testo

attendere prego...

bills is paid
(feat. nipsey hussle)

long awaited!! most antic-p-ted
we back again; as we welcome you
to the republic, of cali-for-ni-a
{dj ski, the game, california republic mixtape}
{long awaited, droppin thursday – b-tch!!}

my bills are paid
and everything’s okay
it’s like every day
summertime in l.a.

[the game]
yeah; i’m from compton, home of the fiends
home of the monsters, home of triple beams
…home of the shattered f-ckin dreams
where most n-gg-z i grew up with ain’t make it to see they teens
ain’t no freddy, ain’t no jason, but n-gg-z too scared to dream
and they rippin pages out of them books ’bout dr. king
you don’t wanna know half the sh-t i seen
where readin a magazine get you hit with a magazine
n-gg-z ain’t scared to murder cause the jails too packed
kill a n-gg-, he be out before the “r.i.p.” tat
i seen raider snapbacks by starter
then i seen dre make that sox hat harder
then i seen makaveli go at shawn carter
then i seen that block where b.i.g. got slaughtered
then i knew it was my callin, g the f-ck up or die ballin
lace them red chucks up, but die fallin


[nipsey hussle]
yo! let’s go
i’m risin in this game and it feels great
still tryin to keep it real, n-gg-z still fake
…i’m so impatient, but i still wait
dropped “the marathon” in november, n-gg-z still late
…[intentionally long pause]
…still show love when i feel hate
on a scale of one to ten, need a high heel eight
or better, blowing this cheddar like i’m bill gates
whatever, i’m in to win til this movie ends
smoking california, eating peruvian
out on miami beach, my n-gg-z a few of them
just like beverly hills, the b-tches we usually wear
from wishin on a star, n-gg- took it far
and if i lost it all to war, i wouldn’t trip at all
look; it sound crazy when i say it
but the fear of fallin off is the only thing that could take it
we straight


[the game]
i got my hoodie on, it’s a starter
i’ma rock this muh’f-cker for trayvon martin
i’ma rock this muh’f-cker for trayvon’s daughter
that he coulda had; where’s his killer at? the whole hood is mad
that ain’t the first time, won’t be the last
see reflections of my past, while i guzzle through this gl-ss
make me want to run up on you with the muzzle, “where the cash?”
retaliation is none, n-gg-z can’t afford the gas
got a mansion in the hills, rottweilers by the gates
red ghosts in the driveway and ducks by the lake
spending time with my daughter so them ducks gotta wait
let a n-gg- call it a duck, he gon’ eat a thirty-eight
i’m supposed to be this f-ckin rich
i’m supposed to be this f-ckin great
i’m a (menace ii society), no larenz tate
but me and my n-gg-z straight and


- the game testo

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