the former fat boys – spacedinosaur testo

attendere prego...

oh, sp-ce dinosaur, sp-ce dinosaur
you came from sp-ce and you were a dinosaur
you landed in my backyard and were from sp-ce
you brought me sp-ce rocks
and you we had sp-ce talks
you were a sp-ce dinosaur
and it was so cool to know you
but then my phone rang i had to get
so i never found out where you went
because you disappeared, sp-ce dinosaur, sp-ce dinosaur
you were sp-ce… h-llo?

yo yo yo this is the sp-ce dino, calling you from my sp-ce phone
where you at dog?, seems like you’re never phone
i’ve been calling you long distance like every single day
i got old sp-ce toys to sell you on sp-ce ebay
i got dinosaur condoms you can use as summer homes
in the hamptons and if the kennedy’s get mad i’ll make them eat their bones
cuz i got sp-ce recipes for rich people soup
i bought from steven tyler, “eat the rich” means gold p–p
that’s how i bought my first transporter i paid in gold sh-t
got the second one free and the third i didn’t really wanna see it
but the reason why i’m calling is to save you from yourself
humans have polluted the earth, there’s nothing you can do to help
sp-ce dinos will return from the asteriod exile
and if you want to save yourself send me a torrent of the x-files
and write a song ever about dinos from the moon
and make sure to sing the hook
and if you can’t sing use autotune
cuz i forgot to mention we’re all robots
robot sp-ce dinos
and we’re all in frats, so that’s brobots
and we all have giant sp-ce c-cks
they pilot our ships
because we’re too busy f-cking and smoking weed and doing drugs and snorting pills
call me back

sp-ce dinosaur
sp-ce dinosaur
i’m going to worship you sp-ce dinosaur
sp-ce dinoscientology will be my new wave from mankind
he was in a sp-cesuit when he came to earth
and now he’s calling me with words
that warn me of a future
that i cannot escape
sp-ce dinos, gotta download him some x-files episodes
and send them to his ship
got to write a song
and i better do it soon
about dinosaurs on the moon
.. dinosaurs on the moon
dinosaurs on the moon
brobot dinosaurs on the moon
with giant sp-ce c-cks
sp-ce mcdonalds and you can fly through 24 hours 3000 days a sp-ceyear
24 hours, 3000 sp-ce year a lightyear
sp-ce dinosaurs
at sp-ce mcdonalds

oxycontin and vicodin
in sp-ce, man, on the moon, on pluto, on m-cl-ss planetary ware

- the former fat boys testo

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