the dear hunter – a curse of cynicism testo

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“a curse of cynicism”

it’s a curse in a cycle of misbelief,
and it keeps on happening.
a tradition, a trail of deceit.
i never stopped and questioned,
“why is it so d-mned hard to find
anyone who can get behind
such a simple plot?”
keep your eye on the prize.

think what you want.
believe what you think.
know what you believe
’cause it’s all misconceived.
and i asked you for nothing.
nothing but, “why?”
“because” isn’t an answer,
it’s just a reply.

it’s a cure. a disciple of belief
and it keeps you here with me,
and it keeps on happening.
and i never meant to kill the prize
like an unreliable fire.
anyone can get behind,
“keep your eye on the prize.”

i am cynical.
it’s a curse.

i am cynical.
i have nothing you want.
take everything.
don’t leave anything.
hollow me.
take the core.
leave nothing at all.
i am cynical.
nothing left.

- the dear hunter testo

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