swaco tha illest – lovely testo

attendere prego...

this the coldest love song that i ever wrote
isn’t it love lovely all alone

isn’t it love lovely all alone(ain’t it, ain’t it)
isn’t it love lovely all alone(ain’t it, ain’t it)

verse 1:
i hate that i miss you still
i hate the fact that these memories we made together just feel so real
and i hate how i can’t listen to my favorite song
cause all i can do is see you singing along
and i wish we hadn’t been involved in each other’s world
cause eventually we evolved to something different girl
uh, our anniversary is coming soon
and i’m just trynna resist my urge to call you
uh, i miss what could’ve been had we stuck it out
what could’ve been if we were just together now
but congrats to your fiancé
i’m hoping that your wedding be the on you want babe


verse 2:
just a young frog trynna turn into a prince
and no i’m not a k!ller so don’t push me to the limps
i used to spend my days with the hoes i call it pimp
but now i’m off late night and i’m feeling simp
know that my old ways
have changed
now i am trying to find the better days
where i can pray for the finer thangs
cause i remember before you i changed
uh, cause you, you were the catalyst
you made me go and battle this
i guess that’s why i’m mad as sh-t
uh, cause i thought you were the one
but turns out you were just another runner up


- swaco tha illest testo

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