svtsman – b i t c h xd testo

attendere prego...

yuh, okay
swervin’ with yo b-tch (haha)
i’m sure she’ll get the d-ck (d-ck)
basically from europe, all i drive is foreign whips (yee)
changin’ up the style, happy for a while
wet on my wrist, i don’t like them dry though
ridin’ for a while, been at least a mile
b-tches say i’m a dog, guess you call me fido (ruff)
skirtin’ from the 5-0, like delta i’m fly though
[bueller] [bueller] [bueller]
how i hit the south (south)
grills in my mouth (mouth)
looking for some cake, cause’ i’m a booty scout (yee)
gonna’ make it big, that’s without a doubt (no doubt)
2017 b-tch i’m bout’ to earn a clout (suck it)

- svtsman testo

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