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sunrise avenue – i don’t dance testo

attendere prego...

“i don’t dance”

i don’t wanna grow up
i don’t wanna see s-x and the city
l-st for a minute
i don’t wanna do that
i don’t wanna let go on the floor tonight

and i can’t hear nothing but beats and sounds
that don’t feel good inside
i got jeans too tight it’s all too loud
my feet can’t hear the orders from my mind

i don’t dance cause tonight you love somebody
somebody new
i don’t dance cause the moves don’t want my body
i’ll learn to hate them too
now you dance to our songs – i need them too
i don’t dance cause tonight you love somebody new

i don’t need the feedback
i know that i’m stuck with the past
this might last
i don’t need a restart
i don’t wanna re-oil myself tonight

i know it’s a little bit sad and strange
i stay alone in the shade
i don’t wanna dance i feel betrayed
somebody else is playing with my babe

now the crowd is wild it’s such a mess
and i can’t escape this emptiness

- sunrise avenue testo

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