sterling duns – dance and move testo

attendere prego...

[verse 1: sterling duns]

and they want it all in laymens
same men wanna hate on me like raymond
craving any beat cooking i’m a caveman
game plan: b-more like the ravens

amen, daily praying
these haters test but they ain’t even grading
i wanna be the best, so it’s back to the training
back to the basics, running this thing like asics

greatness, everyday i grind towards it
and everyday i breathe, the team knows i’ll die for ’em
i heard others but now it’s time to tell my story
get the job done, didn’t even apply for it

and i’m right, here, yep right here
sweating on the track like i rode my back here
put the beat to sleep, lyrical nightmare
i felt the bottom, but i wonder how the top feels


[verse 2: young leo davinci]

and we back for another one
about to blow up like a fire in an oil drum
oscar robertson flow, you know we rocking number one
i’m a real monster so i guess that you can call me krum

and i don’t know if you can handle him
young bol so strong my momma says i’m handsome
if i’m broke and bad i guess i’m bryan cranston
stay here for a while like your stereo’s a radisson

and i just might embar-ss ’em
if the game is prom then i’m the parent chaperone
never take a day off so yeah i never hang with sloane
sallie mae flow, i hang around like your student loans

trip ’em up like a stick in they tire spokes
i’m the super shredder and these haters michealangelo
raphael flow, paint a picture so beautiful
beating obstacles, double dare two triple o

real deal, flow cruella deville
like that whack movie by shaq yea this bol made of steel
bargain slacks of the rack i guess i’m a big deal
warren sapp, i’m getting sacks yea i’m ruling the field

i’m king of the hill
hank on the grill
legend like will
back in his ’07 film
bols want me to chill
like a pie up on the sill
i’m getting my fill
of these beats that i k!ll

i’m sicker than ill
like the track got bird flu
make my mark kwik-e
like my first name apu

never comb over me
like a bad hairdo
hot like a lyrical stew
and we gave you the spoon

cause everybody needs a dance track
this one’s contagious
better wear a hazmat

cause everybody needs a dance track
is it cool to say
that you should shake it like a tic-tac?

[verse 3: rick banks]

it’s banks coming hard so respect me flowing
i hit tracks running like jesse owens
i’m liquid
and you know i spit legit grit
about to blow up
the flame is on the lit wick

unemployment is high
but i’m giving out work
so to lay this foundation
i’m digging in the dirt
but things fall apart
when the center can’t hold
so i keep my crew tight
cause i learned from okonkwo

they say i’m crazy when i spit
when i just say that i’m way too clever
but i guess i must admit
i’m just a little mad, call me tinie tempah

it’s written in the stars
now it’s written in these bars
if we keep working hard
that the game will be ours
so i’m phoebe on the carousel reaching for the br-ss ring
writing songs of myself, call it leaves of gr-ssing

walt whitman
or is it walter white?
yeah i’m breaking bad
with my man dwight
call him sterling
but not slattery
that’s two allusions to sunday night tv

my favorite sunday knight is on got
that’s knight with a k
allusions at 3
cause game of thrones is what i meant by got
ok you got me
i watch a lot of tv

but when i’m not zoning
i’m i’m intoning
and it’s my craftwork i’m honing

and if you got that line
then it’s between us
so dense i need my own page on rap g*nius

but let me stop with the brash stuff
i’m not a star
n0body got me g-ssed up
i’m just married to the game
trying to be a good husband
who said a dance track can’t have substance?

- sterling duns testo

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