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stalley – mind made up testo

attendere prego...

i got my mind made up
(i got my mind made up)

[verse 1]
i told ‘em i’m just living my life
they say the game gone chew me alive
they said the same about juney and mike
but what they did was keep the tooly close by
so i, shoot first ask questions last protect myself at all times
paranoia in these streets
got me circling the ride
old timers tried to school me to crimes
still got locked up at one time
one time was enough
my life already rough
trouble with these women
who just can’t get enough
constant headaches
the woman of your dreams
turn into dead weight
certain type of evils
only can be cleansed through cathedrals
it’s funny how these streets’ll breed you
lead you right to an early grave
or into some type of psychotic slave
i wrote the book and made the pages turn
and through these fine linee
teach ‘em everything i’ve learned
see the truth burn
but when that smokes clears
you’ll be happy ya still standing here
i’m trying to see the beach houses wit’ the chandeliers
that same transition will wipe out any fears
or any doubt in my mind

i got my mind made up
(i got my mind made up)

[verse 2]
eyes on the bigger picture
barely read the scripture
but heard every sermon
the world stay turning
n-gg-s keep learning
as long as they willing
i’m running off high emotions
trying to master every feeling
they said soon i’ll hit a ceiling
but i ain’t never peaking
these watchers keep watching
and these haters keep speaking
and i’ma keep preaching

i got my mind made up
(i got my mind made up)

- stalley testo

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