sosoon – he’s the man testo

attendere prego...

vs 1: who do you know gets sponge baths with happy endings
never had one i recommend it
bed and breakfast, head and breakfast
my company pays overhead expenses

you verses me that’s talking reckless
i’m ahead of my time flintstones verse jetson’s
cause if a d-ck head can be head of americans
command warheads and bring death to veterans

then surely porgy i can beckon
that i’m the man my chorus mentions
i’m in demand like wars to weapons
therefore i’m demanding you all respect him

while i, restore the allure of freshness
my style is a salad tossed with dressing
the boss of the floss make sure when i step in
you reward em with applause and affection, like sosoon

vs 2: ladies and gentleman, your attention
the man’s in command for your protection
the lord of moors, but with more direction
the lord of war, i import the weapons

the lord of lords next to lord in heaven
the lord is my lords my important message
the more you explore with the dora method
is the more you detour from the manifested

i am, the man-i-fes-tation of greatness
you are the re in-car-nation of satan
y’all dudes is judas, full of hatred
attempting, to tarnish my reputation

instead of protecting your reckless nature
you show disrespect, a request for danger
and mama told me not to mess with strangers
but dude lost his mind like vegetation (now he’s saying)

vs 3: call me bret the hitman, sharp shooter your heart
stupid not cupid, ruthless with the darts
move into your starting mark, get set go
me be a starving artist, heck no!!!!!

soon so fly, so why would i stunt
like tryna hide f-cked up t–th with gold fronts
ziggins ghost riding tryna ride rough
you can pole vault with my d-ck off my nuts

(like uhhhh) i touch these women like steve jobs
you pay to play with women from b squads
i lay with grade a v-g-n-
bench like a wnba lineup

i’m a big deal like the 90s 49ers
the rhyming montana before he retired
the 08 giants inside of ciphers
ziggins that try me wind up getting mind f-cked

still wonder why its i who the man is
i who resides on totally different planet
i live my life on totally different standards
so i sympathize for your lack of understanding

these little guys they lines are grandstanding
telling little lies the size of grand canyons
the difference between you wannabe’s and the man is
you make demands, i make commandments

- sosoon testo

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