sonny stevens – bow down testo

attendere prego...

i swear that i’ve seen this a hundred times
people live then they die
n-ggas still selling dimes, b-tches f-ck many guys
5-0 covers their eyes, actin they don’t see us
the deepest sh-t that we’ve been through
i bet you’ll never believe us
blowing sh-t like a mine, these b-tches nothing to f-ck with
they give you a piece of mind, then the strings attach like a puppet
dgm still the sign, so shut up and get in line
you don’t need no f-cking tv, just to see me
it’s my time to f-cking turn up
roasting on these n-ggas til the point they go and burn up
she’s naked in my studio, i get my f-cking stern up
it’s time i took this serious, no joker face
life is such a b-tch, but i always tend to poke her waist
potions, i’ve been sipping potions
supercalifragilistic when i flip this cold sh-t
gucci flow, that old sh-t, take me back like oh sh-t
now i’m proving that i got more flow than an ocean
let me get it like rascal, hitting motherf-ckers like i throw jabs low
if i gotta give it hot like tabasco, then i gotta smoke it up, like tobacco
tell that sh-t to my ex, all she wanted was s-x
that was prob for me, and no prob for the rest
man that’s f-cked up, i lucked up, and learned how to rap
now i look up, girls book up, and sit on my lap
girl get up, and stick up, that b-tt once again
before i b-tt f-ck, and f-ck f-ck, and f-ck f-ck your friend
man i c-ck back with wayne, and bang bang with that chief keef
riding til the wheels, fall off and it’s just me
knowing me, in 5 years, i’ll probably be on tmz
drunk as h-ll, arrested for racing cars through a dmv
looking up, who wit me? just look to me like whitney
i’m top dog and i’m boning sh-t, big ups to who digs me
rolling with team, we taking over this city
while the city’s over you cause you just don’t fit the committee
bow down

- sonny stevens testo

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