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snow patrol – fallen empires testo

attendere prego...

“fallen empires”

you called my name in the dark
called me back to the start
the condensation is building tension

a stubborn silence is formed
around our bodies it’s warm
the cool wet gr-sses as summer p-sses

frightened under attack
fallen flat on my back
arms and legs i’m too scared to beg

you haunt me most when it’s light
the thought of you don’t sit right
i need the darkness a death grip embrace

raising cities to dust
faces dripping in l-st
fallen empires and raging bush fires

all your words confounded
secret lives bound and hid
living backwards in tangled back woods

you ruined everything right
so good i can’t see the light
from my cave i can see the wave
fallen empires and raging bush fires

we are the light, we are the light [repeat until end]
run to the fire [repeat until end]

- snow patrol testo

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