slightly stoopid – work testo

attendere prego...


we been mossin and borrow so young
all the days and nights
we been washing and then breaking our bones
and you know that’s right
we been moving on our own now too
just to make it all time
you can live or sing it out so
we can make it if we try

we been looking in the burning sun
’til the day it is off
when we making our way back home
it’s no time to clear floor
and the mislead it will be off soon
cannot take anymore
pressure it for a moment of speed
give ’em back out the window

in the morning of the boring day
i think that with no way
no beginning or no end these days
woken up it doesn’t say
days they turn into months then years
p-ss the blunt,p-ss it by
you can live or sing it out so
we can make it if we try

all the work that you do
all the money you make
still it seems like it’s hard to get by
while you pushing and shoving
it’s something for nothing
at least that’s what you willin’ to try
i know it’s never easy
to wake up in the morning time
and living isn’t easy
only your life’s on the line

- slightly stoopid testo

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