sleigh bells – kids testo

attendere prego...


it was a wednesday
i got the kool-aid
i hear my diction
talking to my baby
i wanna feel the ocean
put on my sunset lotion
i see the sun glow
water flow in slow motion
i got a beach chair
i see the blonde hair
pick up my feet there
i feel the cool air
the breeze is nice now
i’ll tell you right now
i sip my kool-aid
i’m feeling better now

do i need any vacation?
just need to get away for a while
wait, did i forget my sungl-sses?
got ’em

i paint my nails pink
there in the sand dome
i hear the oh-so calling on the radio
i see a young boy
he on the upswing
he gets a nose bleed
and i hear the girls sing
i hop on the water slide
gotta get my swims on
i pull my straps up
i’ll see your better slides
oh no no no no no no no no

talking about boys
put the music on
i’ll just start dancin’

- sleigh bells testo

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