skib – missing (intro) testo

attendere prego...

intro voicemails;

“alright first of all you need change your voicemail like who the f+ck is that, aye you’ve had that since freshman year. and second, come on! get downstairs im about to dip! like don’t you understand? time is money, we gotta make some doe! im about to leave right now! alright bro..”

“man bro you just blocked my number my n+gga you ain’t even cool like that, ima holla at you man ima see you when i see you shorty. ima be up there you cool ass n+gga, and i know where you live at ima come over there and f+ck with though man you a h+ll of a n+gga man that’s some b+tch sh+t. f+ck you block my number for? n+gga i ain’t never did nothing to you!”

“wyatt we are still waiting i don’t know where you are could you call me when you get close?”

verse 1;

this whole tape goes stupid but this sh+t? this that dumb dumb stupid, this business
got my whole city singing my song, now this whole record is about to hit different

ummm, skib’s missing! last that we knew he was drinking
pimping b+tches or he’s in the mississippi sink sinking
and i get so nervous when skibby don’t answer the facetime, his phone is not on his location is off and he won’t take a safe ride, he never does. wherever he’s at bet its h+lla fun, hangs with his homies who’s selling drugs just stay out of trouble go get a gun, skib’s a thug!
i have called every bar in the city like “y’all seen skibby?” no luck man this kids too tricky
risk risk risk risk risk risky! oh when’s he going to learn, when is he gonna figure out the power of his words?
man when’s he gonna learn, whens he gonna figure out the power of his words?
and when will he return to the social b+tterfly? this is none of your concern

- skib testo

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