shug jay – the groove testo

attendere prego...

shug jay, i’m the living, breathing form of talent
all you other n-ggas just concerned with being savage
outlandish, i’m outstanding
perfect every time
there is no compet-tion
like a.i., i’m handling the opposition
no one ahead of me
i’m holding down the top position
anybody under me is just another pot to p-ss in
i hop, skip, and jump on a track
this sh-t a cakewalk
all you n-ggas lame as f-ck
keep talking, get your face smashed
i’m blacking out, i’m going nuts
i’m a living cheat code
now watch me break the cycle
i’m the dopest thing since moving crack in the 80s
no b-st-rd can play me
i’m dastardly crazy, s-d-stic, and sick
if you got a problem, n-gga suck my d-ck
just pardon my french as i glide on this track
as i proceed to the tippy-top
y’all got me at my boiling point
any sideways talking sh-t
n-gga, i might have to f-ck you up
n-ggas gon’ know not to f-ck with mrs. lolita’s son
best n-gga out ’till like probably after kingdom come
y’all gon’ run when the reaper come
i got the weed and the sour
hold the lean and the powder
give me a cup of the henny
i’ll be in your b-tch for some hours
biggest n-gga in the ksubi jeans
38 with the stretch denim
n-gga, i’m fly above average
n-gga, i’m flyer than maverick
look, top gun with the top guns
queens n-gga like i’m god’s son
i can’t be stopped son

no no, no no, i can’t be stopped son
no no, no no, it can’t be stopped son

let’s just groove to this
vibe out (yeah), let’s just groove to this
yeah, we gon’ groove to this
ride out, top down
let’s just groove to this

- shug jay testo

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