sheek louch – we spray crowds testo

attendere prego...

“we spray crowds”

yeah [3x]
go in [4x] aiyyo

i ain’t promotin no violence, i’m just thinkin out loud
but (go ‘head and stand there, we spray crowds)
i ain’t tryin to make a record with my momma not proud
but (go ‘head and stand there, we spray crowds)
take it home lil’ momma ‘fore they ring out loud
aight (go ‘head and stand there, we spray crowds)
it’s the middle of the night, things startin to get foul
aight (go ‘head and stand there, we spray crowds)

aiyyo; now if you all the way thorough, and rep your borough
and keep weight on the plate, and rep yo’ state
if you alone in the streets but your thing hold heat
i feel you homey (no doubt) i feel you homey (yeah)
now ain’t none of y’all f-ckin with me
you sleep on the crew, i’m supposed to be after p
but nowadays i’m a muh’f-ckin monster cody
big rims, big whips, n-gg- big as brody
n-gg-z see me, right away they light a big blunt (big blunt)
hood n-gg-z love me cause they know it be no front
sheek make it hot, every day for a whole month
whatever homebody – stand around if you want


they don’t party like they used to cause chicks is nervous
they in the house, they barely bring they kids to service
but me i’m in the club like party over here!
what what, whatever homey, party over here!
and i don’t really fall into the ice grill
starin at another man dawg – you gon’ pop it or chill?
and you ain’t tryin to get rowdy, homeboy sit still
and you don’t even know what my man’ll do for a bill
ha ha! chaos is my middle name
a/k/a ramon taggin on the middle train
just a lil’ n-gg- tryin to get a lil’ brain
born and raised, muh’f-cker stay in your lane


aiyyo you know when the jake come and get all loud (bloop bloop)
they stay in the car because we spray crowds
you know where we at, just look for the crowd
some know dancer, i just stay with a big -ss dutch
that look big enough to cause some cancer (light up!)
and i don’t even know, who the watch made by
cause the diamonds hidin the jeweler – one patch on my eye
suede ballys like rick the ruler
since you like takin e and havin big -ss drinks
and ridin around half naked in the long–ss mink
i said whatever baby go ‘head, make me proud
but – just don’t stand there (why) we spray crowds


- sheek louch testo

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