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sheek louch – dinner guest testo

attendere prego...

“dinner guest”
(feat. jadakiss, bully & styles p)

guess who’s coming to dinner.. mighty d—block
guess who’s coming to dinner.. mighty mighty d—block

d-block- oh-oh-oh-oh d- block

[sheek louch]
(louder, louder, yeh, don don)
okay i lyrically -j-c-l-t-
i come on tracks go ‘head and hate
go inside, run and hide
coz this gon boost the murder rate
flying with the long behind me
nickel plate, extra shiny
got this woman on my tip like they name is tiny
every hood, light is up, dark liquor, plastic cup
sour diesel, hoodie on, gun out like what the f-ck
porsche turbo, yankee blue, derek jeter of his crew
rosã©, feet up, deuce deuce in my shoe
ten years on radio, ten years on mixtapes
did deals with everybody, even survived the puff rape
now i’m all bossed up, watch all glossed up
d block, we hard in the streets, put your signs up


(aha, the one and only, the mighty might)
money ain’t sh-t to me, respect means more to me
we define loyalty
this is rap royalty
let the fo five off, live for, die for
hustle is my first love, and the streets my side hoe
haze then i’m back to sour
okay i’m back in power
business man nine to five, hooligan after hours
ain’t n-body to compare to what we contribute
the bars is like the possession, with intent to strip you
my hand, wrist, ears and neck laid
nothing but straight fire for a decade
i’m in the polo rounds, polo down,
feelin like when tony put manolo down
ya all know who control the town


this is for my looters and shooters
with them deserts, and rugars and lugers
who was newest to beat, talk to us, huh?
i got ‘em don don, fully black armani yan(?)
mi not play wit dem facey boys, shut it down
keep my barrel spinnin, that’s why ratty warm
have you marked for death, you’re whole family gone
got em pounds of that green we call it the hawks
d-block, one time, we call it new york
get money, hit honeys on the regular
bully stay in peoples ear like a cellular
now the world and your girl they all know my name
got em trey songing, bullys insane

[styles p]
never been to yonkers before neither enterpreneur
and i’m a monster for sure
like godzilla
shoot is on your death, cut ya deck like a card dealer
puffin on the lies, spent a buck at the car dealer
they tryna say d block is negative
any rapper breathing is breathing cause we let em live
i can tell you why these soft suckas mad at me
they can see i got every kind of flags with me
honor flags, ? flags, game flags
its a d block, everywhere we bangs at
money long, run long, bullets long
word to your hood, if you got a hood, put it on


- sheek louch testo

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