shabzi madallion – closure testo

attendere prego...

blass my n+gga
you got the sauce

man i never thought i’d make this far
a lot of people lose their soul just to get to this part
i lost a lot and then i gave it to god
you never make it til you’re out of your box
until it’s you who’s defining your thoughts
when it’s dark you should know you’re a star
because when you’re done they forget who you are
but they remember what you put in their hearts
i hope it’s you that you’ve been from the start
it doesn’t matter when you say what you’re doing it for
it only matters if you’re doing it dawg
it really shows when you do for applause
it’s nothing wrong but are you giving at all
food for thought man i’m giving my all + yeah
my only competition be madallion
that’s my reply to your comparisons
i don’t really listen when these n+ggas talk
because if you look into their eyes they’re not passionate
if you were rapping real, i swear to god you’d be relevant
selling lifestyle but struggling boy it’s evident
doing it for the gram + that’s drug addiction and medicine
dopamine with lean like what’s the benefit
man, i don’t entertain beef
when it comes i keep it brief then i leave
dear john i’m ready bro, let us speak
28 now i’m only about making peace
dear dad i only wanted to be free
20 years of life and i hardly did it for me
i did it for you i hope you’re proud but i gotta grow
the support i need, i need it more than you know
dear mo i wanted to get closure
hence i reached out i thought i would get closer
to the reason we broke apart and never spoke
i guess it’s not time + it’s cool i’m letting go
conversations we never had
living in the present but struggling with the past
‘listen to understand’+ we still struggle with that
putting the ego first will k!ll more than you planned
pride will never let you apologize
but it’s funny a sorry can make you feel alive
rather die than free the feelings that live inside
not me, i’ll say it all before i die
to my bros + yeah we’re family
i pray to god we don’t lose connection
but if we do i pray for clarity
i’m learning a lot from these friendships
nothing’s meant to last, nothing meant to last
embrace it while you have it + life is moving fast
if there’s someone that you love better tell them now
that’s not for them that’s for you + dalli’s out
dalli’s out
if there’s someone that you love better tell them now
that’s not for them that’s for you + dalli’s out

when i was born i told my mom i’m great and sh+t (dalli’s out)
she didn’t understand me, she thought i was crying hehe (dalli’s out)
she gets it now though
the whole family does (dalli’s out)
i’m grateful for that
dalli rated (dalli’s out)
(dalli’s out)
if there’s someone that you love better tell them now
(dalli’s out)

- shabzi madallion testo

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