seaweed – start with testo

attendere prego...

it’s unlaughable now, it’s not okay
you know you were screwuing us both over anyway
i wish i could laugh but my laughs all tapped out
cause i sat alone as you worshipped your wallet
setting up goals or whatever you call it
start with
another person you can juggle
another sidekick for your show
hang it over my head
ts my only home
motivated by cash but i’ll tell you you’re not alone
just down your street to the first cafe

they’ve got the cash and now look

what it’s bought them

new hair and -ss but their souls are are all rotten

start with

another person you can juggle

start with another psychic for your show

a one way trip wherever you go

together whatever

i am not your accomplice

and i felt things you’ll never know

recover your losses and let go

just a few square feet in a block of shame

and the way that you act i’m now guessing you’ll remain

so i’ll leave you the key and its all been done

this island was bought for a handfull of trinkets

look at it now-at it’s the best way could sink it

start with another person you could juggle

start with another sidekick for your show

you were right-i got too close to your shadow

you were right now i’m all packed

forget that you know me

- seaweed testo

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