samuel colunga – hello testo

attendere prego...



hey. hey, come on in, come on in. wow. this is a surprise. come on in, yeah yeah, have a seat, yeah…i’d shake your hand but i don’t think we should do that….right now. uh yeah. have a seat, have a seat. wow. um. i um. i’m gonna be honest, you’re the first person i’ve talked to in…you know in person in a while

uh yeah, i’m doing good. uhhh. i’m doing good, ya know just keeping myself busy…uh…just a little lonely if i’m being honest. err. going a little….going crazy. going a little crazy not too bad, not too bad, but i’m i’m i’m hanging in there. i’m hanging in there. ya know? i think we all are. thanks for…thanks for coming by, man. oh my gosh. this is amazing. can i get you anything? no? no you’re good? well okay

[growing hysterical]

well…um. yeah. i’m just so excited i haven’t talked to anyone in such a long time. in such a long time! so thank you for stopping by, man, thank you so much! i was going crazy in here if i’m being honest. .

- samuel colunga testo

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