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“industry (interlude)”

i gave my all to her three times,
invested years in her, shed tears for her
but deep down inside when i looked in to her eyes i seen a
major fire that was ignited,
my dreams distorted my vision so instead of seein the obvious
percussions i should have taken was replaced with excitement,
false hope helped me cope with the fact that her love and
my love would never be the same,
shes corrupted i’m not, shes cold and i’m hot,
and anything of importance she can care less about she say
oh i’m sorry baby i forgot,
and i be like d-mn, i stay up for you, lose sleep for you,
rehe-rs- my dialog put a melody to it and when it was just right i sing for you,
i perform for you, fly through storm for you,
not eat get sick no sleep let you pick where and when and how
i gave my all to you, stress beyond imagine,
so for confident to get away i discovered a guilty pleasure,
that consisted of liquor in a bottle, conversations without substance,
try to go deep wit her but her plot is a model,
shakin my head at her, how could i be mad at her,
searchin for love in the club is insane and i’m sane so i should know better,
wheres the ambition, whats the mission
why isn’t she working a decent job just to help out with the tuition,
i wonder, but i lower my standards and precede to undress her later
and let her take me under, d-mn, she got me on in,
when i reflect when i had a choice not to let the ink bleed from the pen,
but i signed in, i lost my brotha to greed,
he tried to kill me and res-erect him in attempt to be me,
he was mad that i’m famous and the one on tv,
but i never cared for fame that’s just beneath me,
back on the subject,
i went through h-ll for her, lost my world for her,
no privacy no piece of mind cant even f-ck my old girl for her,
my mom was right though she said that this would happen,
ill love you so deeply and when i got me you would leave me,
now all i have is my pen and my pad and my thoughts,
what about a house and our private outdoor,
and the bills that we acc-mulated together,
its all on me and all you can say is whatever,
cool ill take that,
all i ask is for my freedom, h-ll my name you can take that,
god gave me the gift but mankind thinks he owns it,
by the way her name is industry,
and i’m sick of her sh-t,
i disown it

- sammie testo

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