salloum – drug deals testo

attendere prego...

a dreamer
my glow shines like a beamer
ill-pure cancerous emphysema
adhan for relatives of the ummah
sounds off for medulla, medusa
my pursuit i’m wearing as a suit
deep breaths, chest heaving
i’m achieving even when i’m never reaching
preaching scored teachings
like a priest scoring lord’s fellas decent
through my roots knowledge carries blood of truth
type fairy to hear it all without pulling a tooth
tough to handle so i speak it over cellos in the booth
mellowed down, well absorbed, in disguise
for you to hear the vibrations when you ride by my side
favors at the snap of my hard worked labor
got the guap, dapped, rolled the sack, lit it
p-ssed it back with my neighbor
and that’s the purity in context
spoken purely over conversations
unlike pigs with the convicts
constellated traces align with inspiration
tied with advice, played at the roll of a dice
freedom stars shoot across the sky
once again alive just to fade quick and die
don’t ask why to surp-ss lies
some things as best known when just left to fly
journals read by the writer in the purse just to get by
words spoken and rehe-rs-d by who was pained to die
marmalade who feels pains of the curse and asks why
alike the pain of the birth which she took
when first injected with the squirt
so much for when he said it was destined to work
tested in his faith to lurk

through belief in faith
religious thoughts awake for god’s sake
through the choice of voice for noise
i’m making way when all it takes is belief
in love and faith to rise above the hate
i’m changing for a reason
forgiving for the loving
a reasonable argument for the puffing
you relate to love when you puff enough
and peaceful at hands
war a necessity for the strong to stand
conquer man and/or even seize land
america’s power in the wrong hands
they saw marley take the peaceful stand
so in return marijuana they ban
instead of peace and love
they love to instill fear into man
terrorism as the theme of their plan
redeemed through the landing of the grands
from the conquering of the lands covered in the sand
a fan for knowledge so i’m paying top dollars
when the poorest of poor can be top scholars and cop dollars
like top shottas in ghettos and hoods
converts converting through the words of the shahada for good
stereotypical -ssumptions you would turn to false presumptions
coming out understood through you being misunderstood
still played off as being all good

hollaback red is well
you know the f#$%^^ deal
salloum on the mic
hollowdreamz is the tale

what’s to show but glows in diamonds
and double r’s rolling over chrome fours
born to score where slaves are raised to die in war for
ill-advised ties disguised in lies
of the oppressed are left stressed out lives living in distress
still unimpressed by coverage of the press
a fight for freedom claimed beaten
-through unachievement to retrieve him
-a type scheme to meet him
-better yet to breed him
-netted ill with the greet to later leave him
-misplaced for the chase where last traced
bodies splattered waste under rights to be embraced
thoughts of “once bad” turned haste
thoughts for what had him mad
were replaced with glamour’s of the pad
that kept them all glad
soon to turn sad
when worst no longer could irreverse
the curse matching the purse turned for worst
given up for shots to burst
since his birth it was ungranted when
handed with what he mishandled
unreprimanded left forever stranded

- salloum testo

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