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rupaul – let’s turn the night testo

attendere prego...

i don’t wanna say, it’s much too obvious
tell it on the mountain, and turn around
i didn’t wanna do this, but you won’t give it up
revel in your haste to put us down but…

when the lights go out, we are the sun
and that’s because we know the power of love
we are all one

turn out the lights, wake up your soul
let’s turn the night into tomorrow
wherever we are, ever we go
we are the light, you’re never alone

you justify your judgment, who’s right who’s wrong
try me by a jury of my peers
we’ll be at the disco dancin’ to our song
deep inside the b-ss we have no fear cause…

and tomorrow belongs to those who believe
it belongs to you and me, shine a light
let ’em see, let ’em see

- rupaul testo

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