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rick ross – black man’s dream testo

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“black man’s dream”
(feat. ludacris)

[ludacris – chorus]
see i’m black man chillin with my black man stride
see batman, cruisin’ in my black man ride
making white man money
supplying all the fiends yeah
i guess you say i’m living out the black mans dream

[rick ross]
punish all these n-gg-s
f-cking all these b-tches
buying every diamonds, every weapon in existance
terminator x, i’m a public enemy
born in the ghetto, ferrari born in italy
head of a family, like a don, sicily
s-x, money, murder, i’m investing all my energy
billionaire eventually, hustler of the century
source cover, man of the year, envy me
one for the money, two for the hoes
got 3 bricks headed straight for your nose
smile for your camera while your whole face froze
stack up all them bodies i’mma whole case load
middle of december i will melt your f-cking snow
while my price is high, i will get you dealt with for the low
black man’s world, white man drugs
no discrimination for my mexican bloods


check me out, it go one for the money
two for the hoes
three to put that sticky green scent up to my nose
n-gg- roll it with precision
and f-ck an intervention
i’m the boss m-th-f-cker don’t need n-body permission
you can catch me all up in new additions like michael pippens
girl, face upon my lap, that’s a head on collision
we find out who been snitching these n-gg-s come up missing
yeah the chopper see right through it got x-ray vision
now my culinary arts, hustlers cooking in the kitchen
get your money than get out, you better make the right decision
or you might be clanking metal maybe swimming with the fishes
but i guess it’s do or die for these black man riches
so i bought myself a rover and a bemmer for the mrs
chrome lips all on the whip and yeah that b-tch be blowing kisses
now some n-gg-s may not like me cause i never flip the bird
but these n-gg-s gon respect me mark my m-th-f-cking words


- rick ross testo

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