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redman – i’ll bee dat! testo

attendere prego...

yo, f-ck you!
yo, y-yo .. f-u-uccck youuuuu!
yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo, f-ck you!
yo yo yo yo yo f-ck you!
yo, zim zeema, who got the keys to my beema?
jack move, that’s how we act when we team up
hey yo yo yo yo yo, stretch it out n-gg-
let the motherf-cker p-ss us that blunt n-gg-
they heard what that n-gg- say, “puff puff p-ss motherf-cker”
yeah, “puff puff p-ss motherf-cker”

yo.. yo yo, yo, yo..
zim zeema, who got the key to my beema?
jack move, that’s how we act when we team up
throw your triple beam up, this is fish scale
i bailed out the county with counterfeit bills
my slang be high range brick city
watch how you sniff son i’m highly octane
all you hear is bang, bang, bang, bang
yo, remember you b-tch; sh-t, i forget my last name
it’s all about game, nuttin else, for delf
walk through the woods then stomp on your foot
with high, i take out any comp in the hood
gorilla impact in this rap habitat
get you steppin in your air max – bounce!
you c-ckin it back but where dat? bounce!
i got a six pack of heineken and big kap on the wheels
in two laps, i give stella her groove back

my middle name must be f-ck you
cause every time i walk by
n-gg-z be like, “f-u-uccck youuuuu!”
i’ll be dat, i’ll be dat, i’ll be dat, i’ll be dat
my first name must be he ain’t sh-t
cause every time i’m in a car
b-tches be like, “he ain’t sh-t!”
i’ll be dat, i’ll be dat, i’ll be dat, i’ll be dat

yo n-gg-, yo yo n-gg-
i heard the party goin on in there – yeah
well let me shake my stankin -ss in there – yeah!
soon as i walk in, dogs are barkin (arf arf arf)
haters play the back, i stay in front like handicapped parkin
startin arsons from, jerz to
arkan-sas me coughin out that dread apartment
roll up to the jam with the front end bent up
watch them chickens floatin, dip you in salmonella
i’m ghetto like dnd, f-ckin wit d
you be on banned from tv part iii
in a heartbeat, tiger, straight out the cup
you’re light in the -ss son, you weigh bout a buck
but i’m one-ninety physique, two-hundred and thirty-fo’
pounds total when i’m carryin the heat
not platinum on wax but, platinum in the streets
any n-gg- dat disagree, smack him in the teeth
then i bag his little piece, rockin the ice
give it to the projects for the rhyme of the night
(why you actin like dat?) the weed made me do it
devil’s advocate hot, can take days to do it
my crew do drugs that wayne reed couldn’t breathe
dry me in the sun i’ll amount to ten keys
redboned i’m bonin, mc’s be clonin
that’s before doc stretch and mornin yawnin!


n-gg-z and you b-tches, puff puff give
n-gg-z and you b-tches, puff puff give

yo, yo
if you gotta be a monkey, be a gorilla
it’s four a.m., i’m off a tab and still a
world rap biller, push a big benz
with a chickenhead drawers hangin from my antenna
i’ll be god d-mned if a n-gg- take mine
on foot, sh-t, put rollerblades on
mind your business, the nine with swiftness
i’ll pull it, stretch it like fonda fitness
i’m a “everyday n-gg-” like i’m toyota
your a&r hope we don’t drop the same quarta
wrapped the puta, in a hefty two-ply
(yo he ain’t from chi) so haul -ss back to utah

[chorus x2]

f-u-uccck youuuuu!

[big tigga from rap city]
yea yea yea yea yea
it’s w f-ck all y’all radio, ya man big tigga
i’ll be dat, ya heard? yo!
it’s like thirty degrees down here in d.c.
all my n-gg-z strap the timbs up
get out the puffy coats and alla that
and i’ll see all you chickenhead -ss b-tches at the club later
i’ll be dere, heh.. i’ll be dat!

- redman testo

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