rav – quiet sphere/& dusk testo

attendere prego...

[quiet sphere]
i need some food for thought, no need to diet here
i need some room for love, or else i’ll die in here
it’s quiet [?] the silence [?] this time of year
so i just [?] unprepared to ride inside this quiet sphere
how my autopilot always pick the higher gear?
when the talking turns to something neither you or i would share
every freestyle thoughts are venomous and in nature
i get scared when faced with the [?] behind the lair
i want us to leave our jobs, i want us to leave this town
in this sea of sadness we swim or we gon’ drown
we [?] others b-tting in with they opinions
’cause we see nothing in them and we don’t f-ck around

is the light of dawn worth storm each dusk?
clearly once i thought it was
maybe i’m not me from then no more, ’cause now it’s awfully tough
used to think i helped you when the anger moods would shower you
now i have the feeling i’m the one that brings that out of you
maybe it’s a bit of both, i admit i make it worse
i can’t shake this feeling that together we can shake this curse
i don’t wanna break what works, but i don’t wanna work what’s broke
tell me what you want for once, please tell me what hurts you most
never do i feel prepared to let you go [?]
when i close my eyes and recollect the memories that made us
can we make it work or will it spiral further down?
how will you recall me when i’m no longer around
you get so frustrated, i get so impatient
we both sitting in the misery of our creation
perhaps it’s far more simple or maybe complicated
whatever it may really be, i’m not sure i can take it

- rav testo

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